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Togetherness, joviality, collegiality and friendship reign supreme on the JAMvention between Professionals and beginners, painters of different brands and painters from different countries. That’s the atmosphere we would like to keep. In order to ensure that everybody’s equal value remains we have some rules. We hope you can understand that, appreciates it and that you are willing to work with us so that JAMvention preserves its friendly and familiar atmosphere.

• All participants must be 16 or older.
• Persons who do not have a badge are not welcome at any time other than dropping of and picking up. Pets are not welcome either.
• Your badge must always be worn visibly during the event.
• There are models present for the workshops and you do not require to bring your own model.
• We rent the location, the beds are included. Therefor, beds cannot be deducted from the price.
• We are not a hotel, you will have to share a room with 3-5 other participants, toilets and showers are separate.
• There is no elevator.
• Transfer the whole amount at once, only after payment you are registered. You have to register via the website.
• Under no circumstance’s tickets will be refunded by FIP, however, registrations are transferable.
• Every workshop this year is 1.50 hours or 4 hours. The hands-on craft workshops may ask for a contribution in material of max. 10 euro.
• Only people who have indicated their dietary preference at least one week up front, can receive a meal adapted to their dietary needs. This will be indicated on your badge.
• If we receive complaints about misbehaving or nuisance, we reserve the right to refuse you access for upcoming editions.
• It is not allowed to bring or use drugs.
• Smoking inside the building is not allowed.
• During the event, a crew of professional photographers and videographers will create images on behalf of FIP. These images can be used by FIP for social media and publication in the broadest sense. By buying a ticket, you consent to these publications.
• It is not allowed to tape anything to the walls, and it is not allowed to take electricity from the hallway for private usage in your room unless you require electricity for medical purposes.

(Download the Terms and Conditions as a PDF document.)

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